Physical Requirement

Physical and Terminology Requirements of Patent Specification.
  1. The following is a summary of the physical and terminology requirements relating to the preparation of patent/utility innovation certificate application documents
  2. The applicant should use the official forms available from the Patent Registration and Branch Offices. For example, the "Request for Grant of a Patent" should be made on Form 1, and the "Request for a grant of a Certificate for a Utility Innovation" should be made on Form 14.

    Physical Requirements:

    1. Unless provided otherwise, the application and any accompanying statements or documents shall be filed in duplicate, but the Registrar may require that they be filed in more than two copies.
    2. All documents of the application shall be so presented as to admit of direct reproduction by photography, electrostatic processes, photo offset and microfilming.
    3. All sheets shall be free from cracks, creases and folds and only one side of each sheet contained in the application shall be used.
    4. All documents of the application shall be on A4 paper (29.7cm x 21 cm) which shall be strong, white; smooth, non- shiny and durable.
    5. Not with standing sub-regulation (4), the Registrar may accept sheets of sizes other than A4.
    6. The minimum margins of sheets shall be 2 cm.
    7. All sheets shall be numbered at the top of the sheet, in the middle, in consecutive Arabic numerals.
    8. The text matter of the application shall be typed or printed in a dark, indelible color and in at least 1 1/2 line spacing, but graphic symbols, chemical or mathematical formulae and certain characters may, if necessary, be hand written or drawn.
    9. In the application, every fifth line of each sheet of the description and the claims shall be numbered in Arabic numerals placed to the left of the relevant lines but to the right of the margin.
    10. The application and any associated statement or document shall be filed in the National language or in English
Measures, Terminology and signs:
  1. Units of weight and measures shall be expressed in terms of the metric system.
  2. Temperatures shall be expressed in degrees Celsius.
  3. Densities shall be expressed in metric units.
  4. For heat, energy, light, sound, and magnetism, as well as for mathematics formulae and electrical units, the rules of international practice shall be observed.
  5. For chemical formulae, the symbols, atomic weight, and molecular formulae in general use shall be employed.
  6. In general, only such technical terms, signs and symbols as are generally accepted in the field in question should be used.
  7. The terminology and signs shall be consistent throughout the application.