Becoming Trademarks Agent

Registration of agents.

(1) The Registrar shall maintain a Register of Trade Marks Agents. 

(2) An application to be registered, as a trade Marks agent shall be made to the Registrar on Form TM 2 
 accompanied with payment of the prescribed fee.  

(3) In order to be registered in the Register of Trade Marks Agents, the applicant shall satisfy the Registrar that  
 he is either domiciled or resident in Malaysia or has a principal place of business in Malaysia, and  

  (a) is on the Register of Patents Agents maintained in pursuance of regulations made under the Patents Act 1983; or  
  (b)  is an advocate and solicitor practicing solely in Malaysia; or  
  (c)  holds a recognized degree in any field of studies and has had at least three years experience in the field of industrial property; or  
  (d)  has had at least three years of experience in the field of industrial property by virtue of he being an ex-officer of the Office; or  
  (e)  has acted as a trade mark agent to the satisfaction of the Registrar before the Trade Marks Regulations 1997 came into force.


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