Functions and Services

  • To ensure the provisions of the IP legislation are administered and enforced accordingly;
  • To provide service in administering, collecting and enforcing payment of prescribed fees or any other charges under the IP legislation;
  • To regulate and supervise issues or matters relating to IP in relation to the IP legislation; 
  • To advise on the review and updating of the IP legislation; 
  • To encourage and promote the training and the dissemination of information on IP; 
  • To promote and organize cooperation programme at national and international levels; 
  • To safeguard Malaysia's interest in respect of any agreement or international convention to which Malaysia is a party; 
  • To advise the Government on development at international level on issues or matters related to IP; and 
  • To carry out research and studies on IP issues.
  • Registration of patents, trade marks, industrial designs, copyrights and geographical indications
  • Copyright Voluntary Notification System
  • Advisory services on IP
  • IP information and statistical data
  • Training programme
  • Patent agent examination
  • Awareness programme
  • Online services (search, filing, checking application status and intellectual property gazette); and
  • Helpdesk