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IP Day Nationwide KEMBARA Campaign


Kuala Lumpur: For the first time ever, the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) will be embarking on a nationwide campaign, dubbed "Kembara HHIN" (Kembara Hari Harta Intelek Negara) to promote the upcoming National Intellectual Property Day 2009 and raise awareness on the importance of intellectual property among Malaysians.

The KEMBARA HHIN programme will take place across 14 destinations, with today's official launch by Dato' Shahrir Abdul Samad, the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, signalling the countdown towards National Intellectual Property Day 2009, to be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 23-26 April 2009. In 2005, the Government designated 26 April every year as National Intellectual Property Day, which also coincides with the official World Intellectual Property Day.

The main objective of KEMBARA HHIN is to promote National Intellectual Property Day 2009 to the masses. KEMBARA HHIN is also a significant event for MyIPO because it symbolizes the fact that this year, our promotional and publicity efforts will aim to reach out beyond the Klang Valley.

The KEMBARA HHIN team, consisting of 18 staff members of MyIPO will be travelling state to state for 20 days, handing out pamphlets and reading materials on intellectual property as well as goodies for those who are able to answer simple questions on intellectual property. Starting from Putrajaya (today), the team will then make their way to various locations around the country.

This year's National IP Day focus is on traditional knowledge, a branch of IP which is less-known but just as important as traditional IP elements. Elements such as traditional knowledge, genetic resources and traditional cultural expressions are important for our heritage and legacy that it would be a shame if we lost touch with them or did not utilize them properly. For example, traditional knowledge has received greater prominence and focus recently, given its commercial potential in the development of new pharmaceutical products in Malaysia. By ensuring that traditional knowledge is properly protected, both the owner of the knowledge and those who commercialize it will also reap the appropriate economic returns.

Among the significant activities that will happen during this year's National IP Day 2009 are the National Intellectual Property Awards, the highest recognition MyIPO gives to successful creators and innovators in the industry, the launching of the book "Practical Approach to the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights" by the author - Sessions Court Judge Jagjit Singh; the launch of the "Traditional Knowledge Digital Library" pilot project; a seminar co-organized with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) called "National Seminar on Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions" and the official presentation of Geographical Indication certificates for Malaysia's very own Bario Rice, Borneo Virgin Coconut Oil, Sabah Seaweed, Sabah Tea, Sarawak Pepper and Tenom Coffee.

Also on display will be MyIPO's special custom-built "IP Mobile Clinic" vehicle which is similar in concept to a library on wheels. The IP Mobile Clinic will serve as a mobile information centre for students, travelling various times during the year to schools and public places. This is part of MyIPO's extensive outreach programme to reach out to schoolchildren and educate them on intellectual property. Realizing that not all students will be able to attend the event itself, the IP Mobile Clinic will instead bring intellectual property knowledge to them.

MyIPO will also be organizing state library exhibitions in every state in Malaysia, beginning with Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Johor (16-21 April), Perpustakaan Negeri Kedah (16-21 April), Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Terengganu (16-21 April), Perpustakaan Negeri Sabah (16-26 April) and Perpustakaan Negeri Sarawak (16-26 April).
It is hoped that the public will take the time to be part of this important event and celebrate the importance, significance and relevance of intellectual property at the National Intellectual Property Day 2009 celebrations at the KL Convention Centre on the 23rd to the 26th of April 2009. Admittance to all the events for National Intellectual Property Day is free and all are welcomed.